Beatrix Baerken

Art in oil

Later in my life, I got the time and space to develop my drawing talent. I started taking lessons and following classes in painting.

My teachers were: Janneke Hengst, Doet Boersma, Martin Sijbesma, Carla van Bommel and Tjeerd Landman

I have spent a lot of time in self-teaching by studying

Literature of Arts and visiting museums.

I read up on the techniques of the classic painters and applied them in my work.

Originally I painted with acrylic, but since I discovered the brilliancy and depth of oil paint and learned to work with this excellent material, this has become my favourite.

I started with painting land- and seascapes, but after a while I found out that I was talented in portrait painting.

I paint my classic realistic portraits layer after layer in environment friendly, water soluble oil paint.

The search for the depths of the human soul of my model, and the attempt to bring this alive in the warm oil paint colours on Flemish linen, gives me great satisfaction over and over.

Working Method

If you decide to have a portrait painted by me, I will advise you concerning the choice between your photographs.

In consultation an agreement will be made about dimension, composition and colours.

After the first sketch an under painting is made with burnt sienna, Titanium and zinc white to seek the contrast, light, dark and shadows.

Finally I use a glaze, (a thin transparent layer of paint) to create luminosity.

The making of a portrait takes weeks to months because the oil paint between two layers has to dry before she makes another layer. It also depends on the dimensions of the canvas.

A temporary varnish is put on the portrait so the oil can dry. After a year the painting gets a definite varnish. This service is included in the order.

The painting standard will be framed.